The card you can bank on...

TranzactCard: A Visa® bank card. Accepted everywhere Visa® is accepted. Banking and card services provided by Solid Financial Technologies, Inc, and partner banks pursuant to a license from Visa.

FDIC Insured: Checking account provided by Banking services are provided by Solid Financial Technologies, Inc.'s partner banks who are Member FDIC.

Power Spend: Earn Z-Bucks anytime you use your TranzactCard and redeem them in Z-Club.

Power Save: (Coming Soon) A long term savings account balance that grows when you spend with TranzactCard and when you redeem your Z-Bucks.

ATMs: Access your accounts across the U.S.; for FREE on the national MoneyPass® Network.

Double your buying power.

Are your current rewards programs truly rewarding anything of value? We don't think so! That's why we created Power Spend. Instead of a confusing reward system, we make it simple: use your TranzactCard for everyday purchases, and for every $1 you spend, you earn a matching Z-Buck. Z-Bucks can be redeemed in TranzactCard's Z-Club for virtually anything - from everyday items to exclusive vacation packages.

More power in your savings.

Coming soon. Your Power Save account balance grows steadily and automatically with every transaction. And, when you redeem your Z-Bucks in Z-Club, you'll receive an additional 1% cash bonus automatically deposited to your Power Save account.


Banking with a Positive Social Impact

The TranzactCard doubles your purchasing power without requiring an increase in income. Our online marketplace serves everyone by making everyday products and services much more affordable.

Ours is a private secure banking system that gives you more. TranzactCard works with banking fee structures and manufacturer distribution systems to re-arrange profits and pricing, making products and services more affordable. Complex? Sure, but not for the consumer. For you, it's simply unique, amazing and powerful.

Become a member and you'll agree, the TranzactCard ecosystem is a positive social impact approach to banking.

"With the prices and inflation, it's incredible how much people really need this. Such good timing!"

Aaron N.

"The best thing about this is I get to help people save money and live better lives."

Karen C.

"Life changing. These people know what they're doing and they've got it figured out. This is the real thing I've been looking for all my life."

Scott T.

Our Team

TranzactCard's veteran team of entrepreneurs and C-suite professionals bring expertise in banking and financial technologies, product sourcing and contracting, e-commerce and financial technologies, marketing and business development, complementary currencies and blockchain, artificial intelligence, social media, branding, and more.


Our Why

The evidence is in everything we do for the benefit of our community of members. We care!

While an entire team of dedicated, talented individuals fashion the TranzactCard experience, it is fair to say that all this expertise and commitment coalesces around the vision and passion of our chairman, Richard Smith.

Our philosophy about banking, product value, service delivery, and the dignity of the natural person has been developed over decades of thought and effort. A recent interview with our chairman captures the essence of that philosophy. Read full interview


Become a TranzactCard Member

Become a member and enjoy the full benefits of TranzactCard. Your wallet deserves something better.

TranzactCard Member

$25 for your first year

Annual renewal $25.00*

  • Visa® bank card
  • All banking platform benefits
  • Exclusive Z-Club membership
  • 500 Z-Bucks upon your first transaction
  • 500 Z-Bucks with every annual renewal

*Limited time only. Annual fee waived!
Join prior to November 2023 and become a lifetime member. You will receive:
• Double Z-Bucks from your TranzactCard transactions for your first year
• 500 Z-Bucks upon your first transaction after your anniversary date
• And no annual fee for life

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